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December 29, 2003

Kate's First Christmas

Kate's first Christmas was a whirlwind of events, but she held up like a trouper. Our first stop was at the home of great uncle Edi and great aunt Monika on Christmas Eve (pictures 1 - 53). There, we also visited with grandma Clarissa, grandpa Andy, uncle Kevin, great grandma Ellen and Jay. Next, we celebrated Christmas Day at Nana Carol's with Uncle John and Mimi (pictures 54 - 79). And finally for a belated celebration we visited grandpa John, Granny Teti and Uncle John (pictures 80 - 105).

Although it was a long and exhausting holiday week, Kate had a great time visiting with family and in some cases meeting them for the very first time. Visit Kate's Photo Album to see all of the pictures from Kate's First Christmas.

By the way, if you see Kate looking up and smiling or staring in any of these pictures, she's only exhibiting her latest fascination...ceiling fans.
Posted by Ken at 08:06 AM

December 16, 2003

Winter Fashions

Now that the cooler weather has blown through South Florida, Kate has been able to show off some of her winter styles. This one is an adorable jogging suit given to her by her great aunt Monika.

Lullaby and Goodnight

Yesterday I was prepared to write a post about a major milestone for Kate; but now that another evening has gone by I am prepared to write about two. Let's just hope that they are not complete flukes and that we can expect to see the same events over and over again. I almost don't even want to mention what happened for the slightest chance that I could jinx us.

Let's start with milestone number one. With this one I must also admit a parenting embarrassment. I know Ken and I are not alone with this. I know there must be other parents out there that will do things or allow things to happen that they may not openly admit in public. Maybe it's because they will feel like total parental failures or maybe they're concerned that everyone else will think there's something wrong with their kid. But sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to make it all work...perhaps for a little extra sleep or a little extra quiet or a little extra peace.

Our admission: For the majority of the past 2 months Kate has been sleeping at nights in her...dare I say it...her swing. There, the cat is out of the bag. For whatever reason once we stopped swaddling our little sweet pea, she would not sleep in her crib or the bassinet. She refused, and her protests were probably heard by the neighbors down the street.

Of course you're probably thinking, "She liked the movement of the swing; it lulled her to sleep." Well, we never even turned it on. Kate just liked it, period. We've hypothesized a million reasons, including she liked to sit upright, she didn't like to feel secluded behind the walls of her crib or she just didn't like all of that extra space to move her limbs freely.

Anyway, just because she had given up on her crib or bassinet, didn't mean we did. Sooner or later she would grow out of the swing, then what would we do? So, every week we would try to reintroduce her crib or bassinet during nap time without much success.

Then, this past weekend we purchased the Sassy Curved Back and Side Sleeper. I think it's more of a lucky charm than anything. But whatever it is, it worked. Two nights ago Kate slept for 4 hours straight in the bassinet. When she finally woke up for her middle of the night feeding, we were amazed at how long she had gone. Of course getting her back to sleep in the bassinet is another whole story but I attribute that problem to a little late night gas.

Our luck doesn't stop there. Last night not only did our little princess sleep in her bassinet again, but she also slept for a whole 6 hours, which is also considered as "sleeping through the night." Talk about being amazed. We only wish we knew what combination of events made this happen, so we could do them again and again. For our sakes keep your fingers crossed that a trend has begun and that Ken doesn't have to start making plans for a giant swing in the house.

Here are pictures of our little Kate catching some ZZZzzzs in her bassinet last night. Little did I know at the time of the pictures that she would embark on a 6-hour journey with her friends Winking, Blinking and Nod.

December 12, 2003

Forgot To Mention...

I got so wrapped up remembering the traumatic events of the immunizations I forgot to mention that Kate gained nearly 2 pounds this past month. She now weighs in at 10 pounds 10 ounces and 22.5 inches. I think it all went to her cute little round cheeks. :-)
Posted by Jean-Marie at 12:46 PM

Kate's Second Doctor Visit

How can you give a baby with a face like this a needle that will make her cry...let alone 4 needles that will make her cry? Can't you just see it in her eyes? Please Mommy don't let them stick me with those cold, icky needles.

Well, this is the face I had to see staring at me over her daddy's shoulder right before Kate got her 4 immunization shots: Prevnar, Hib, OPV/IPV and DTP/DTaP/DT/Td. I took these pictures in the exam room while we were waiting for the nurse with the needles. Heart-wrenching, isn't it? Luckily, I've spared you the "after" pictures of her bright red face and teary eyes. Those would've been much worse.

This visit went almost as well as the last visit. Ken held Kate while I looked away and hoped that it would be over soon. Like last time, Kate calmed down pretty quickly while I nursed her. She only stopped twice to let out two yelps. I guess she wanted me and Ken to know that she wasn't forgetting about what just happened. BUT, by the time nursing Kate was finished and we bundled her back in her car seat, it was like nothing ever happened. Kate actually fell asleep during the time it took for us to walk her out of the exam room and to the car.

During the first 24 hours following the shots we didn't see many changes in Kate. She was a little more sleepy than usual, and wasn't as steadfast in her 3-hour eating schedule. We gave her infant Tylenol drops prior to the shots and had her Elmo cold compress ready for right after. Hopefully the two combined eased her pain just a bit.

After the first 24 hours Kate started to get a little crankier (not much but more than usual) and had an elevated temperature of 100.1. The on-call nurse instructed us to give her some more Tylenol, every 6 hours for the next 18 hours. So far she's been doing much better. Luckily, we only have a Hepatitis B shot at our next visit...only one needle and no expected reactions. Whew!
Posted by Jean-Marie at 12:28 PM

December 05, 2003

Kate's First Visit With Santa

We took Kate to the North Pole (a/k/a The Broward Mall) to meet Santa for the first time. Since she was sound asleep by the time we got to Santa's thrown, Ken and I had to do a little bit of coaxing to get her awake for a picture. When she finally did open those cute little peepers, she was wondering who this white-bearded man with the red hat was. He does look an awful lot like the guy who greeted her when she entered the world. In the end I don't think Kate knew what to make of the whole situation, but she was sure glad mom, dad, Nana Carol and Bob were there to make sure she was okay.

In addition to the mall photo pictured with this post, we also took a few of our own...of course.

See more pictures of Kate with Santa in Kate's Photo Album.

Isn't she tastier than freshly baked apple pie on Christmas Day?

December 03, 2003

Yucking It Up at Grandpa John's

This past weekend we took Kate to visit Grandpa John. She filled him in on all of her adventures from the past 7 1/2 weeks. They had a fine time chatting away.

I'm not sure what Kate said, but Grandpa and Uncle John really seemed to enjoy it.

As always, Kate is the center of attention.