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May 31, 2004

Our Lil' Dipper

A few weeks ago we purchase a pack of Gerber Lil' Dippers. Made to fit a little hands just perfectly, they are supposed to make it easier for Kate to learn to feed herself. Before the Lil' Dipper Kate would try to pull the infant spoon out of our hands and feed herself. Those infant spoons are too long and thin, which made it easy for gagging, and the handles are hard metal, not good for a teething baby at all. The Lil' Dipper has a nice rubbery handle that Kate can chew on inbetween bites. It is also short with a guard around the "spoon" part to prevent gagging.

So far Kate has been doing pretty well with it. She hasn't got the dipping part down yet, but she does pretty well with the feeding part. Ken or I will dip it in the food and hand it to Kate to feed herself. Sometimes she doesn't have perfect aim, which can make a meal a little messy. But, practice make perfect. And she seems to really enjoy participating in the feeding process.

Although we don't have pictures, Kate has also been practicing with her Avent Magic sippy cup. She's been trying some heavily watered-down apple juice. At first she didn't like it, but now she'll drink an ounce or two. We really like the Avent Magic Cup because it has a soft spout for Kate's gums. She won't hurt herself if she bites or chews. And as she gets older we can just purchase new spouts for the cup.

May 26, 2004

In The Swing Of Things

Today was just one of those days where Kate was having a hard time napping. She got in 1-1/2 hours of nap time, tops. So this afternoon Kate and mom headed off to Welleby Park to wear Kate out a little bit more to ensure a better sleep tonight.

After walking the trail around the whole park (sometimes I wonder who we're really wearing out with these outings) we stopped at the playground to watch the kids play. Kate loves looking at kids. The loud, yelling little boys seemed to get her attention the most. She was quite intrigued when one little boy slid down the slide, landed right in front of us and declared he was wearing his swim trunks today. Kate thought he was talking to her. No doubt she would've loved to engage in some sort of conversation with him if he didn't scamper off after his declaration.

To finish off our park outing we tried out the playground's baby swing, even though Kate is probably a wee bit too small. The color of the pictures are a little funky because the playground has a big, green cover to shade the kids from the hot Florida sun.
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May 24, 2004

Taking A Stand

For the past week or so Kate has become preoccupied with standing. Every time we try to plop her down on the floor to sit, she locks her knees and stiffens her body straight as a board so we have to hold her in a upright standing position. Who knew those cute little chubby legs and feet would do such a good job holding that little body steady?

Ironically Kate has shown no signs or interest in crawling. Sometimes she'll reach really, really, REALLY far to get something, but she hasn't even tried to do anything that resembles crawling. It'll be interesting to see if she ever moves into the crawling stage or if she jumps, pardon the pun, right into walking. Perhaps our little princess just doesn't want to get all dirty wriggling around on the floor.

May 23, 2004

A *Crib* Night's Sleep

Last night was the first night Kate spent the whole night in her crib, and coincidentally she didn't awaken once. Up until now Ken and I have been a bit concerned about leaving Kate in her crib at nights because she favors sleeping on her stomach more than her back. She'll usually start the early evening off in her crib and we'll move her into our room when we're ready for bed. Last night though we took our chances, and she slept soundly through the night. Nice!

Maybe now that Kate's first two teeth have cut through we'll get back to having some better sleep in this house.
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May 21, 2004

Another Tooth Emerges

Kate's second tooth emerged through her bottom gumline today. 2 teeth down. Only 18 more to go. :-)
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May 15, 2004

Kate's First Kiddie Party

Today Kate attended her very first kiddie party at The Little Gym to celebrate Morgan William's second birthday. Kate was amazed by all the colors, balloons and kids. It was her first time being around so many other small people at one time.

We got a few quick photos of Kate and the guest of honor. Kate kept reaching out to touch Morgan. She especially liked all the pretty yellow ribbons in her hair.

May 10, 2004

Getting Very Comfortable

We were at the local Wal-Mart today picking up a few odds and ends, and Kate brought a whole new meaning to leisurely shopping. She started the Wal-Mart visit sitting upright in the shopping cart but a few minutes into it she decided to make herself a little more comfortable. Oh the life of a 7-month old! By the way, these candid shot were taken by Ken's camera phone, which is why the quality isn't the best.
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May 07, 2004

Getting Comfortable

Today is Kate's 7-month birthday, and we celebrated over a little pizza pie at a neighborhood Italian restaurant. Unfortunately Kate went off the "cranky" charts today. Rightly so though since her second tooth is right below her gumline ready emerge any day now. I can only imagine how uncomfortable it must be for her. But from the looks of these pictures, you would never know there was anything wrong at all. As a matter of fact, they show how comfortable she has gotten with the world around her. It's like she's been here for years...not months. Our little Kate is getting so big.
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May 05, 2004

Camera Phone Candids

While I was getting my haircut, Ken and Kate were playing around with Ken's Nokia 3650 Camera Phone. For a camera phone these are pretty good candid shots of our little camera ham. As always, dad and baby were acting quite silly together.
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