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July 26, 2004

A Cookie And A Movie

The afternoons in South Florida have been quite rainy the past few weeks. And what better way to spend a rainy afternoon than to watch a good movie...well...a good movie to a 9 months old that is. Last week I set up a little baby movie theater experience for Kate to enjoy her Baby Einstein DVD and to make as much of mess as she wanted nibbling on Zwieback Toast. As you can tell from the pictures she was riveted by the flick and didn't hold back with the mess. :-)
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July 25, 2004

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Dear Daddy:
I hope you had a great birthday!
I love you!
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July 17, 2004

A Seat At The Table

Nowadays when we go out to eat Kate loves to sit right up to the table's edge, like mom and dad. And Jean-Marie and I have come up with a pretty good strategy that allows us to feed Kate her meal and enjoy our own meals when we dine out. The minute we sit down at the table we start feeding Kate her baby food. Usually she's done by the time our food hits the table. To keep her occupied while we eat, we let her feed herself (play with) some finger foods. Here are a few pictures I took of Kate enjoying some Cheerios and Gerber Fruit Puffs atop a Sesame Street friends Table Topper. Kate just loves Elmo!
Posted by Ken at 08:12 PM

July 15, 2004

9 Month Doctor Visit

At Kate's 9 month well-baby visit she got her last Hepatitis B vaccination. She screamed her head off when she got the shot; but as soon as Ken picked her up and comforted her, she was great. By the time we got to the reception area to make our next appointment she was smiling at all of the office staff. We were so proud of her.

She weighed in at 16 lbs. 10 oz. and was 28 inches long. The doctor said she looked great and confirmed that we had moved on to Stage 3 chunkier foods. We told him she had been having a little difficulty with the pasta meals because the pasta accumulates in her cheeks, like a little chipmunk, until she's finally ready to mush it up and swallow it. The vegetable meals, though, go right down without any problems.

These are some pictures of Ken entertaining Kate during our wait in the examination room. She loves to fly on top of his head. It's also a great way for her to relieve some of her gas.

July 09, 2004

Kate's First Dentist Visit

Kate had her first visit to the dentist today. In addition to doing a general examination of Kate's teeth, mouth and gums, Dr. Jay (Hirsch) also gave us his expert opinion on some discoloration on Kate's two bottom teeth. A week or two ago I noticed that Kate's two, new bottom teeth were turning blue. Earlier this week we had a quickie visit at the pediatrician's office to find out why this happened. To our overwhelming dismay the pediatrician told us it was decay. Can you only imagine the thoughts and questions that went through our minds? How could this happen to teeth that still hadn't fully erupted and were only about 2 month's old? Worst of all, how could *WE* let this happen to Kate's teeth? What horrible parents we are!

Of course we immediately scheduled a pediatric dental appointment to get a second opinion and/or to get more information on how to reverse this problem and prevent it from happening again. Luckily, Dr. Jay completely relieved our fears. Apparently the "staining" is not decay at all. I doubt I'm going to communicate this correctly but...when Kate's teeth erupted a thin skin layer stayed on her teeth and was stained by the sugars in the breastmilk, juice and foods she's consumed so far. This layer cannot be eaily removed by regular ol' infant teeth brushing but could be removed by the dentist. He said it would probably come off as soon as Kate started to eat crunchier solids, like Zweiback Toast. Since he indicated that it was not harmful to Kate or her teeth we decided to just leave it and let nature take its course. It was already past Kate's naptime and we didn't want to add to the trauma of the day.

Speaking of Kate...she held up pretty well during her first dental visit. She enjoyed meeting all of the new people in the office, as well as all of the children in the lobby. When Dr. Jay first started to examine her teeth she was absolutely wonderful...not a peep. But after a few minutes of having the bright lights beaming in her face, her jaw forcibly opened and instruments poking around in her mouth it started to get her upset. Understandably the doctor was happy when she started to cry. Her mouth opened as wide as it possibly could.

The visit was a big relief for both me a Ken and quite a milestone for Kate. Of course all of the excitement completely wore her out. She was asleep in a matter of minutes of getting buckled into her carseat. And why not? She had just escaped a dental decay scare by the skin of her teeth. ;-)

Impromptu Doctor Visit

Here are a few pictures of Kate at her impromptu pediatrician visit earlier this week. As you can tell she's still up to her old tricks.
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July 06, 2004

Naptime Is Over...

...come and get me! For about the past week as soon as Kate is done with her nap or nighttime sleeping she pulls herself to a standing position in her crib and starts calling out for us to come and get her. We try not to take too long to get her since we're not really sure how long she can stand like that. We haven't seen her find her way back down just yet.

Here are some pictures I took of Kate following her nap this afternoon. Just look at those cute I-just-woke-up eyes and hair-do.

By the way, Kate isn't really trying to gnaw her way out of the crib as some of these pictures might suggest. It's almost time for another (the third) tooth to erupt.

July 01, 2004

Grandpa John's Birthday

In most cases it's customary for birthday pictures to be taken of the guest of honor, but in this case it was Grandpa John taking the pictures...of just Kate. I guess there shouldn't be any confusion about who gets all of the attention in the family. Enjoy these pictures of Kate hamming it up for the camera and the party: mom, dad, Grandpa John, Uncle John, Cousin Sue and Granny.
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