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January 26, 2005

Choo Choo

This past weekend we visited a local mall with Ken's dad, brother and two aunts that were visiting from Germany. While we were walking around we came across a small train ride for kids. It was like the train we rode during the holidays, but a lot less festive and with a much smaller track. Nonetheless, Kate nearly jumped over the fence to get to it.

Kate and I rode in the caboose together. I remembered from our last train ride that the caboose was more fun because you get a better view of everything through the back window. Our family waved and cheered as we passed. Kate LOVED it! She was bouncing up and down and flashing a huge smile. Ken missed our first mall train ride, so I was glad he was there this time to experience Kate's enthusiasm and to take a few pictures.

January 24, 2005

Kate's First Slumber Party

Ken was away all last week on business. The girls were left alone to fend for themselves. And what better way to play when dad is away than to have an all girl slumber party? My friend Kristen and her 19 month old daughter Jillian joined us for the fun. After lunch at McDonald's and a quick nap we headed off to The Little Gym for a class that both the girls really enjoyed.

Although Kate had attended a trial The Little Gym class two weeks earlier, this was her first official class in the semester. The trial class was such a big hit with Kate that we signed up until June without any hesitation. She loved the songs, the tumbling and playing along side other kids her age. As soon as she saw one little girl scurrying into the classroom she was game. I couldn't take my shoes off fast enough to follow her into the room.

I digress. Our fun little class worked up a big appetite, so dinner was next on the agenda. And what slumber party is complete without pizza? Okay, well Kristen and I had pizza and the girls had pasta. But everyone was happy. Once we got home it was bathtime and then bedtime.

These are some pictures of the girls ready for bed. Kate is channel surfing and Jillian is playing with stickers. The two are quite a pair. The next morning they both wanted to be put into Jillian's Pack N Play. Who knows why? But they looked so cute I took a picture anyway.

And lastly here are some shots of the girls at McDonald's.

I'm disappointed that I forgot to bring the camera to The Little Gym to take a few pictures of the girls in their class. It probably would've been too distracting, though, for the other families. I'm looking forward to family week at the end of the semester so Ken can take some pictures and video. Kate will be so proud to show off her new moves for dad.

Anyway, we had so much fun at our slumber party with Jillian and Kristen that we can't wait to do it again soon.

January 16, 2005

Chilling with The Wiggles

After we returned from storytime at the library I wanted to check phone messages, take off my shoes, put down my bags and get in a quick bathroom break before putting Kate down for her nap. To keep her occupied while I did all this, I started up Wiggly, Wiggly World! in the VCR. We had just borrowed this tape from the library. Kate really enjoys The Wiggles' singing and dancing and, on occasion, will dance along. This time, though, she was a little too close to naptime to join in. Instead, this is what I found...
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January 13, 2005

Christmas Day

This year wasn't as festive as Christmas celebrations past, but Ken and I tried to make the best of it for Kate. These were a few pictures we took of Kate on Christmas Day.

Like most kids this age, Kate likes to put things in and take things out of different containers -- boxes, bags, drawers. So this year I wanted to get her a little bag to put things in. She actually picked this one out at Target one day. She looked too cute carrying it around the store that we got it for her for Christmas. I took out all the Hello Kitty products from inside and put in a little notepad, some crayons and a bunch of fake credit cards that we received in the mail as marketing materials.

I liked these pictures because she's reading the side of the box as dad is helping her unwrap it. She's been doing that a lot lately. If I give her Cheerios, she likes to read the box. When the server delivers the check at the end of a meal, she like to examine it. I'm not sure if she's just mimicking us or really interested in what she see or a little bit of both.

Since we were a little behind this year we decided to send out New Year's cards instead of Christmas cards. And we we able to use one of the above pictures on the card. Pressed for time and energy, we were lucky that we got a pretty good picture of Kate and it all came together.

You'll notice that in some pictures Kate has a bow and some she does not. Her hair is in an inbetween stage, so as her bangs grow out I've been trying to keep them out of her face with a little bow clip. Unfortunatly Kate really enjoys taking the clips out, even if it means her bangs are in her eyes. I usually try to distract her while I'm putting it in. Like, I'll put it in right before I get her out of the car when she's much more interested about getting out of the car than the bow in her hair. The more I put them in the more she gets used to them, but she still really enjoys pulling them out.
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January 12, 2005


Two days before Christmas while I was cleaning up after breakfast I caught sight of Kate finally noticing her gifts under the Christmas tree. I know these pictures are a little old, but they're too cute not to post.

Look at these pretty steps.

Hold everything. I think these are PRESENTS!

This one's mine. It says so on the tag stuck to my foot.

Are there any more hidden back there?

Hey! This tag says Kate too!

K - A - T- E. Yep says so for sure.

Who needs to open them? Let's just climb 'em.

January 10, 2005

The Nude

We told her to sketch a nude, not sketch in the nude...

After a bath and right before bedtime in early December, Kate had a sudden urge to do some coloring...so sudden, in fact, that we didn't even get time to dress her in her pajamas for the night. Of course I had to take a few pictures of our budding artist...even if it was sans PJs.

January 08, 2005

Christian's Jeep

These pictures were taken Thanksgiving weekend. Kate had just finished her nap. And I had just finished decorating the tree inside. We both came outside to inspect dad's outdoor decorating work and see if there was anything we could help with.

Then, all of a sudden a little boy came speeding down the sidewalk in his little red Jeep. Kate was so excited to see him that she did, what Ken and I like to call, her Incredible Hulk pose. She stiffens her arms down and curls them under and shakes with excitement.

His grandma saw how excited Kate was and suggested he take her for a ride. Kate had the best time! Christian enjoyed himself too. He wasn't disappointed that he had to drive a baby around one bit. A little sister was on her way for Christian, and this was good practice. He probably would've done it for hours if he didn't have a Chucky Cheese party to attend.

As a side note, the holiday decorations were a real treat for Kate. Every night we would drive around the neighborhood in her little red car and check them out. Our community is very festive. I would point out all the leading characters on the lawns and tell her different things about them.

I would tell her the story about Rudolph. Explain that we put bright decorations on the lawn so Santa could see the houses from his sleigh up above. And give her the lowdown on the big bearded man, down to his, "Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!" In no time at all Kate was pointing to every Santa she saw saying, "Ho Ho Ho!" I guess it was only fitting that we put a 8 ft. inflatable Santa in our yard. Kate was keeping a close eye on Dad as he installed it on the lawn that day.

But as much as she liked the idea of Santa, she wanted nothing to do with the one at the mall. This was picture Ken took of Kate leaning the exact opposite way of Santa one the day he arrived at the mall. I took her back to see him a few more time thoughout the holiday season. She got a little better in his presence. She still wouldn't sit on his lap but at least she would look at him. Once, she even pointed from her stroller and said, "Ho Ho Ho!"
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