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May 24, 2005

Playhouse And PB&J With Ava

This morning we had and impromptu play date with our Little Gym buddy Ava. I say impromptu because we made plans about an hour before our get-together. Ava has a new baby brother, Ethan, and sometimes it's a bit difficult to make plans too far in advance. Heck, I have that difficultly with a toddler.

Kate and Ava had a fabulous time playing with all of Ava's toys. In toddler fashion they went from one thing to the next. From the swing set and the playhouse, to crayons and baby dolls, they played hard.

The girls had a lot of fun pretending and goofing off in Ava's playhouse. They played with the stove, with the phone and peek-a-boo with the shutters. Kate is quite the clown!
These two pictures are of the girls coloring and watching a Sesame Street video. They were too focused on the TV to pose for the camera, but little Ethan got in smile. It's hard to believe Kate was ever that small. Where does the time go?

Kate also had her first taste of peanut butter and jelly. PB & J is Ava's sandwich of choice. They both enjoyed sharing a plate of these bite-sized sandwhiches, crust removed. Ava's mommy sure is a good chef.

May 23, 2005

Hello Daddy

Everyday around lunchtime Daddy calls home to see how our day is going. Last week when Daddy called I put the phone to Kate's ear and asked her if she wanted to speak to Daddy. She shook her head "no" and push the phone away. But, she heard Daddy's voice on the other end and had second thoughts. After reaching back out for the phone I gave it to her. She sat there for several minutes listening to Daddy and getting in a few words here and there.

Kate loves to pick up the phone and say, "hello" or "hi." Only problem is she rarely says it when someone else is on the other end. For some reason she much rather hold a conversation when no one is there.
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May 07, 2005

So Peaceful

I took this of Kate earlier today with my phone. We were on our way to wish Great-Grandma Teti an early happy Mother's Day. Kate looked so peaceful that I couldn't resist taking a quick picture.

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May 06, 2005

A WILD Play Date

View Safari Photos
Kate, Jillian, Kristen and I had a wild time at Lion Country Safari today. The first thing we did was pile into the front seat of Kristen's Chevy Tahoe to drive through the wildlife preserve. We drove very slow with lots of stops along the way, so it took us about an hour or so to complete the tour. It was amazing how close the animals were to the trail. The giraffes crossed right in front of our car.

Kate and Jillian really enjoyed it, although, at times, Kate was much more interested in playing with the seatbelts and all of the dashboard knobs. The girls would run from one side of the seat to the other pointing at all of the different animals, sometimes saying their names and making the respective noises. And every once in awhile Kate or Jillian felt like Kristen needed some help with the driving so they would take hold of the wheel.

Next, we rented a zebra set of wheels with a canopy for the girls and toured the walking exhibit. Of all the exhibits we enjoyed the feeding exhibits the most. At the Lory Bird feeding exhibit, we walked in an aviary with lots of little parrots and had the opportunity to feed them nectar from little cups. The exhibit comes with a disclaimer about birds possibly landing on you while you're in there. They had the same disclaimer at the Flamingo Gardens aviary and not a bird touched us. Well, this was a completely different story.

I held Kate in one arm and the nectar in the other and two birds flew down to feed. One landed on my head and sat there for a bit. At first I was a little concerned about having a Hitchcock moment but luckily no blood was shed. Kristen had a few birds swoop down on her as well with one stopping on her head. The whole thing would have been a great picture. Too bad there was no one there to take it. Next time we're going to take turns with the nectar to get a few shots of the fun.

At the giraffe feeding area, we fed Faba the giraffe what looked like graham crackers. He stuck out his long tongue and whipped the food right out of our hands. Kate was amazed and rightly so. The giraffes were gorgeous and very very tall. Jillian enjoyed looking at the giraffes, but she wasn't too excited to get very close to one.

In addition to all of this we also rode on the Flying Elephant Ride (twice), the 55-foot ferris wheel and the Carousel. I love the pictures of Kate and Jillian sitting on the Ferris Wheel. It was the only time I was able to get any real pictures of them sitting next to one another. Aren't they cute?

We arrived at the park at around 11:45am. At around 3:45pm we were ready to go. After 4 hours and all of that excitement there was still so much they we missed at the park: the Safari Queen tour, a round of miniature golf, the El Paso train, the animal demonstrations, the petting zoo and the alligator moat. And they'll be opening a Children's water play area in the next few weeks. Needless to say, Kristen and I purchased annual passes in preparation for our next visit.

Kate was out cold within 3 minutes of pulling out of the parking lot. Kristen said Jillian was too. Our wild little adventure really wore them out.

May 02, 2005

A Lion, Some Tigers and Water...Oh My!

On Saturday we visited the Museum of Discovery and Science for its Wild Safari weekend. We saw two baby tigers, a lioness and a Miami Metro Zoo cheetah. Between the live animals and all of the interesting exhibits, Kate didnít know where to run to next. We also gave the Wild Safari 3D movie a try. She didn't sit still for very long, but for the few things she did see through her 3D glasses she was quite amazed. I saw her reach out to grab an animal twice. It was pretty comical.

Anyway, Kate's quite fast these days so taking pictures can be a little difficult. Luckily I got a few while she was still for a few seconds.

Here are Kate and dad playing with the GearHeads experiment while I stood in line for the Cheetah. I always enjoy the focused look that Kate and Ken both get when they are working on something. And notice how that little boy is cheking out Kate. After this picture she went over to his side with a few of her gears to share. Speaking of sharing...one of Kate's favorite words (right now) is, "thank you." She's go out of her way to hand me anything just so she can say thank you. I know. It's a little backwards. She is just used to me and Ken saying "thank you" when she hands us something. And she's actually getting pretty good at saying thank you when we hand her things as well.

And of course Kate couldn't miss the opportunity to play with the fountain in the museum's atrium. A few times we thought she might be going in. Thank goodness Ken grabbed her right in time. Since I'm used to her shenanigans I usually bring an extra outfit to these kinds of outings just in case.
Kate is a real climber these days. After the museum we stopped off at Burger King for lunch. While we were standing in line Kate started to swing back and forth hanging on the metal "line" railing. Apparently those Little Gym classes are working. We have a real iron baby on our hands. And as a side note, Kate started climbing out of her crib a few weeks ago. It's usually around naptime but I think we'll need to start preparing for middle of the night climbs soon too.

Lastly, here are a few pictures of Ken and Kate admiring the 52-foot gravity clock also located in the atrium. They watched the balls swirls around on the tilted rails. As you can see in the pictures Kate also really enjoys saying, "ohhhh."