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June 25, 2005

A Day Full Of Fun

This morning we visited our local Border's for a celebrity appearance from Kate's idol, Dora The Explorer. The bookstore was packed with families waiting to meet the famous backpack-toting adventurer. My camera was on the wrong setting at first. But, I thought the pictures of Kate on Ken's shoulder getting her first glimpse of Dora were just too cute to not include.

Kate was so psyched to see Dora, until it was her turn to take a picture with her. Since the line was long there wasn't a lot of time to warm up to Dora before the picture. Kate wouldn't let go of Daddy, as you can tell by her grip on his shirt. And she was more interested in looking at Dora then posing and smiling for the camera. Thus, the very serious face. It's no wonder she wanted to look at Dora. This Dora was a little scary looking, compared to the cute little dark-haired girl and her sidekick monkey you see on TV. Ken thought this Dora looked more like a bad pinata than a person.

Although she doesn't look thrilled in this picture, her Polaroid with Dora is a prized possession. She's shown it with pride to everyone she knows.

Speaking of pinatas...after our Dora appearance we went home for a good nap before heading over to Dominic's house for his fifth birthday celebration. Most of the kids were a little bit older than Kate but she had a blast.

She pulled a string on the pinata. And filled up her bag with goodies. She had the best time jumping around in the bounce house. She also enjoyed playing with Dominic's miscellaneous toys around the house. By the end of the night she was good and tired (and dirty). That Dominic sure knows how to throw a party!

June 13, 2005

A Big Red Time

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On June 10th, we attended a members-only preview of Adventures with Clifford the Big Red Dog at the Young at Art Museum. You wouldn't be able to tell it from these pictures, but there were kids everywhere. I think the kids, kids and more kids made the exhibit even more exciting for Kate.

The Clifford exhibit was very cute and very hands-on for small children. The highlight of this particular visit, though, was meeting Clifford up close and personal.

And after writing and mailing a letter, playing a customer at Samuel's Fish and Chips Shack, fishing at T-Bone's Beach and driving a ferry, Kate took some time out to enrich her creative side with a little painting. With uninterrupted focus she created some wonderful watercolors. Lucky for us, we've been a little behind on our home décor and have plenty of wall space for Kate's present and future masterpieces. Let us know if you want to commission an original. We'll work it around naptime.

June 12, 2005

Where Are They Now?

Every few months Ken and I get together with some friends for game night. At the same time Kate gets to spends time with her friend Tyler. Remember the picture taken of Kate and Tyler last August. Compare it to the one take this weekend -- 10 months later. Boy, how they've grown.
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June 08, 2005

More Kate and Jillian Playtime

While Ken was away on another business trip Kristen and Jillian came over for another sleepover visit. These are pictures of Kate and Jillian playing on Kate's swing set early one morning after breakfast. It's been hot, muggy and wet here. To make our lives easier Kristen and I left Kate and Jillian in their PJs to play. It was one less outfit for them to get dirty quickly.

It was so muggy, in fact, that my camera lens fogged up on the fist picture I took of the girls on the swings. It was such a cute picture that I tried my best to correct it with Photoshop.

This visit was also the first time Kate (or Jillian) ever rode the Small Fry Choo Choo without Mommy. They both were such big girls riding the train alone. Another little girl decided she wanted to join them in their passenger car. Kate thought she might be a stowaway so she asked to see her ticket. :-)
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June 04, 2005

Little Gym Photos

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Kate had her first Little Gym end-of-semester class on Thursday. Being the first, it was very exciting for us. Although we invited a handful of family to attend this special class, the bad weather made it difficult for anyone to travel. Luckily Uncle John (my brother) battled the weather to join me and Ken to cheer Kate on.

Every class starts with mat exercises: walking, running, jumping, stretching and rolling. This particular class also included parachute play. I'm not sure if it's the bright, colorful parachute or all of the silly adults in a circle singing and smiling, but Kate loves this activity. Sitting on top of it is almost as fun as running under it. And everyone participated. See Uncle John in the green shirt lifting the chute?

Lately one of Kate's most favorite things to do is hang. Wherever there's a bar you'll find Kate hanging. Ken and I call her our little monkey, which usually results in Kate making monkey sounds.

The other thing Kate really enjoys is an obstacle course. Anything that requires reaching, climbing and crawling is fun for her. Unfortunately that can also include scaling countertops, furniture, walls and safety gates.

I love these two pictures. Here's Kate upside down on the bar. And here's Kate getting ready for her dismount. She may be a little discombobulated after being upside down but she still looks at the camera. What a ham, right?

And every class ends with balls, bells and bubbles. Since we had a little award ceremony for this class, we didn't have bubbles this time around. Too bad too, because I'm sure Uncle John would've really enjoyed chasing and popping those bubbles. Maybe next time.

Kate didn't really understand the whole medal ceremony, but after a little inspection she thought it was pretty cool anyway.

Finally, here's a picture of our little gymnast sitting with her fellow gold-medalist Ava at the end of class. Watch out Olympics! Here they come.

June 03, 2005

Kate's Blog in "South Florida Parenting" Magazine

12603367.jpg This past February, Ellen Forman, a reporter for South Florida Parenting Magazine, found Kate's site while doing research for an article. Jean-Marie and Kate met Ellen for lunch at McDonald's to chat about the site and meet in person. Needless to say, Kate's blog was featured in Blogger Moms in this month's issue.

The article discusses using blogs as a alternative to a baby diaries. It also mentions how Kate's site was set up for remote family and as an online scrapbook for Kate, and how "You'll see occasional posts about a playdate at the park, a trip to the Love Jen family festival or McDonalds, or Kate's adventures with a bowl of spaghetti."
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