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July 31, 2005

A Pooh-tacular Show

Kate and I met Ava and her mommy for a Saturday morning performance of Disney Live! Winnie The Pooh. I wasn't really sure how Kate would like her first live performance. She had a hard time sitting longer than 45 mintues in a movie. And she really wasn't that familiar with Pooh other than seeing the Heffalump movie.

Within the first few minutes all of my questions were answered. Kate LOVED LOVED LOVED it. I don't know if she really followed the story too well, but she was definitely paying attention to the minute-by-minute action. She got up in the aisle and danced, stretched, jumped and yelled during all of the audience participation parts. She was always keeping track of all of the characters, and wondered where one was when they weren't on stage. She'd say, "Owl, where? Owl, where?" as she shrugged her arms.

Now, Kate is a huge Pooh fan. Uncle John had bought Kate a white winter Pooh for her birthday. She was so excited to be greeted by him when she returned home from the show. She kept hugging and hugging him.

Following the show I purchased her an oversized program that read like a storybook of the show. It came with a fabric flower in a giant Pooh bag. She was thrilled to carry it all the way to the car. Can't you tell from the pictures how excited she was with the bag and its contents? We'll read the program from time to time and remember all of the different things Kate did during the show to help Pooh and his friends out during their adventure.

July 14, 2005

More Clifford Fun

Today we went to the Clifford exhibit with our friend Dominic and his mommy Christina. Even though we've been to the Young At Art museum several times, we still had so much fun.

Christina wanted to take a few pictures of Dominic, but he didn't want to take them without his mommy. So I volunteered to take a few of the two of them together. Next thing you know Kate is edging in on the photo opportunity. You'd think she was following around Dominic, but she was much more interested in Christina. She really likes "Ina."

Kate got to see Clifford again, which was a big thrill. She tried to hand him a postcard that she found, but he couldn't grab it with his paws. It slipped right through. One of his assistants picked it up and held it for him.

Lastly, I have read stories about toddlers taking their clothes off in public but had never experienced it with Kate until...

Luckily Christina and I caught her before her pants and diaper came off. It was a close call. She seemed to have just as much fun with or without clothes.

July 08, 2005

Kids Can Do What They "Wanna Do"

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Today we had a very important playdate. Kate got to visit Wannado City for the very first time, and I got the chance to see one of my good friends from high school and her two children, Matthew and Katherine. I can't even remember the last time I saw my friend Genie. Could it have been the summer after our high school graduation? She lives out of state now. The distance and our busy lives make it difficult to keep in touch as often as I would like.

Genie and I became quick friends in high school. In those first few days of school teachers almost always seat you in alphabetical order to learn your names. We shared many classes together, and Regina "Genie" Taylor and Jean-Marie Teti were right next to one another in the class listing.

Anyway, I digress. Since this is Kate's blog it's time to narrate what a wonderful time we all had at Wannado City. The biggest challenge at Wannado is that parents are not really allowed to participate in the activities. Since Kate and Katherine are both under 2 it made participation very difficult for them. Matthew, who is 3, was still a little young for the solo activities but he was ready to give it all a try.

Kate and Katherine were too little to go through firefighter training with Matthew, who was paired up with an older buddy. While they waited they hung out on the fire truck and posed for a few pictures. Kate was adamant that she and Katherine both wore their seatbelts. Safety first, I suppose. Then while Matthew was busy putting out a fire, Kate entertained herself by playing on the toddler playground. Anything with sliding, climbing, crawling and animals is a big hit.

After that we headed off to The Cookery, Chef's Kitchen where Kate and Matthew got the opportunity to decorate a cookie each. Katherine watched through the window and enjoyed her own cookie. Kate doesn't eat candy, so the tiny M&Ms and snowcaps were a real treat. I think she did more snacking then decorating.

Another huge hit at Wannado was the nursery at the hospital. Kate really enjoyed this part and loves looking at the pictures from this activity. After dressing in scrubs, each child selected a baby from the nursery to take care of. They wiped the baby with a diaper wipe to clean it. Then they put lotion on the baby. Finally they wrapped the baby back up and returned it to its bassinet, with a little kiss. Kate loved this so much that when we return to Wannado I'm going to buy a baby so she can do this activity at home.

I didn't get any pictures but Kate also really enjoyed the Wannado City Fair. They had two age appropriate rides they Kate and I went on together: the Western Connection train and Wanna-Go-Round merry-go-round. We did these over and over again, especially while we waited for Matthew to do some of his older kid activities.

The Wannado Art Academy was a welcomed moment of relaxation. Genie and I could chill out while Matthew and Kate sat and colored. It was a soothing little place with good lighting and relaxing music.

Quiet doesn't last long with small children in tow. Next we were off to the Strobe Dance Club, where Kate and Matthew busted some moves. Kate even pulled out her break-dance butt spin. I don't know who had more fun: the two of them or me and Genie watching them. They were cute, and hilarious, to watch.

The day was supposed to end after lunch, but there was so much to do and we had so much fun that it went on until dinnertime. Here's a picture of the five of us after a long day of play. We can't wait until Genie, Matthew and Katherine fly into town again for another day of play.
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