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October 20, 2005

Ava's Party of Five

Just 3 weeks after Kate's birthday is Ava's birthday. To celebrate the big ocassion, Ava's mom Becca hosted a private lunch party at Rainforest Café today. "The jungle" is one of Ava's favorite places.

The girls really enjoyed themselves. They had fun playing with the party favor that Becca selected for them -- a playset of all the Rainforest Café character animals. Of course there were times were Kate preferred Ava's exact set of characters to hers and Ava's crayons to hers, but we worked it out. I sat between them.

After our meal and dessert, Ava and Kate visited the fountain. Kate asked for "pennies" to toss in. And threw them in she did, willingly and quickly. Ava held onto hers for safe keeping.

Before leaving the mall, Ava opened her gift. Well, I think Kate may have opened Ava's gift, but Ava didn't seem to mind the help. Of course as soon as Kate saw the gift she wanted to "open it, open it, open it." I promised her that we would visit with Ava again soon to help her play with her new gift. Kate's really looking forward to our next playdate with Ava.
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October 15, 2005

Kate's Second Birthday Party

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Kate's official second birthday party was today at The Little Gym. Six of Kate's friends attended the 2-hour bash: Dominic (5 years old), Sebastian (5), Jillian (2), Tyler (2), Ava (2) and Ethan (6 months). For the first hour everyone (and I mean everyone) participated in Little Gym activities.

There was running, hanging, swinging, bell jingling, hiding, balancing, sitting and standing on one foot. The kids took turns rolling on the big doughnut (Jillian, Tyler and Kate). They played on the parachute and under the parachute. They played with the balls. They jumped on the airtrack, which Kate thought she single-windedly blew up. :-) And when Kate decided it was time to set up the bee, the kids took turns riding in it.

And then just as soon as things started to settle down a bit, Elmo made a special appearance and everyone was back on their feet again. When Elmo came out he brought birthday gifts just for Kate. Kate was so curious to know what Elmo would bring for her that she spent the first few minutes of Elmo's arrival unwrapping and examining her gifts while all the other guests were participating and dancing. But, it didn't take too long for Kate to join in the fun.

Elmo was fabulous! He wasn't just some goofy kid dressed up in a costume. This Elmo was the real deal with a show full of entertaining songs. He was singing, dancing and speaking in his cute little Elmo voice. In addition to the gift for Kate, Elmo also brought neon bracelets and goody bags for all of our small guest. He hosted pin the nose on Elmo and chatted and hugged and posed in picture after picture after picture. Kate loved him. The kids loved him. Everyone loved Elmo! I just can't say enough good things about this Elmo.

After the singing and dancing was done, Elmo led the kids to the dining room for pizza and cake. Of course it was an Elmo-themed cake. The cake table was at a bad angle to get a good picture of Kate blowing out her candle, but we got a good picture of Uncle John's fingertip. And I should also mention that Kate loved it when everyone sang Happy Birthday to her.

Kate had the best time at her party, and hopefully all of her friends did too.

This post was written in memory of Dorothy the Goldfish. Dorothy was a special gift to Kate from Elmo. Unfortunately Dorothy became an unlikely and unsuspecting casualty of Hurricane Wilma. On the first evening after we lost power the temperature dropped below one comfortable for her little gills.
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October 09, 2005

Birthday Lunch with Grandpa and Uncle Kevin

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Yesterday Grandpa Maier treated us to lunch to celebrate Kate's second birthday. We ate at Scruby's, our favorite BBQ place that's delicious and VERY kid friendly.

But first things first, Grandpa and Uncle Kevin came bearing gifts. Kate opened them all like a pro, with Grandpa's help of course. She even read each and every, single card. Didn't I say she loves to get mail? And we all got a good laugh when she discarded the checks inside like they were "caca."

Before we left for lunch Kate played a bit with her new gifts. She also gave Grandpa a full medical work-up with her new medical kit she had gotten the day before. She thought Grandpa's reaction to "the shot" was hilarious. As a result, he had to endure several shots that day. He's such a good sport.

And of course no birthday celebration is complete without cake, cake, cake and more cake.

October 08, 2005

First Day of Festivities

Kate's second birthday landed on a Friday, so the official festivities didn't start until Ken got home from work. After a quick dinner out at our favorite pizza place and a piece of cake for the three of us to share, we returned home to open gifts. I had a "Happy Birthday" Dora blown-up and ready as a special surprise. Kate loved it, as well as all of the gifts wrapped in Elmo paper.

Ken and I got her a GeoTrax train set and Leap Frog Fridge Letter Magnets. She really enjoyed both of those gifts, but her favorite was a Fisher-Price Medical Kit. She had so much fun playing with all of the different instruments. She tried them on Daddy, me, herself and all of her stuffed friends.
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Cute As A Button

Kate giving me a little smile after a bath.
I love this picture.
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Fun At The Mall With Mimi

A few days before Kate's birthday Kate and I went to visit Mimi for a little mall trip. Our mall trips are more about playing and less about shopping. Kate tried out all of the coin-operated rides before hitting the indoor playgrounds and the kiddie amusement rides. She had a blast and was fast a sleep in the backseat of the car before we hit the highway on the ride home.
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October 07, 2005

Hooray! Hooray!

Kate is two today!

October 01, 2005

Auto Parts Shopper (or Pooh-dar)

On our way to dinner we did a quick stop at the auto parts store for some antifreeze for Ken's car. Watching Kate shop in the auto parts store was so hilarious that I had to take a few pictures. First, she's been on this sunglasses kick lately, so she always wants to wear them. Second, she had just gotten a Barbie birthday card from Omi with Barbie jewelry stickers in it. This is why she had cute, little stickers all over her body and clothes.

She looked like she should have been shopping for the latest fashions at a Baby Bloomies, not motor oil at Advance Auto Parts.

Anyway, this was my favorite part...

Strolling along, looking down each aisle Kate calls out, "Daaaadddddyyyy? Where are you? Daaaadddddyyyy? Where are you?"

Then she squeals in delight, "OH!"

I catch up to her to see what the "OH!" was all. She had found a Winnie the Pooh steering wheel cover. I suppose she thought it would be perfect for Daddy's automobile. Then she stops off at the candy fixture to make a selection before *trying* to make her final purchase.

Could she be any more girly girl?