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January 21, 2006

Wizards, Wands and Wardrobe

Yesterday evening we attended the Preview Party for Young At Art's new exhibit Pattern Wizardry. Although a lot of the exhibit is geared towards kids a little older than Kate, she still had a blast. One of her favorite parts was swishing about in her wizard cape and waving around her handmade wand. She also really enjoyed building a new home for honeybees using the hexagon blocks. Kate learned a little bit about patterns and creating them, but mostly she played and had a really good time.

January 13, 2006

Train Ride with Grandmom

Earlier this week while Ken was away on a business trip, Grandmom took the Tri-Rail from Palm Beach to Broward to visit me and Kate. We picked grandmom up at the train station, went to lunch, played at the playground and spent some time together. We had a lot of fun, but it didn't stop there. Instead of just dropping grandmom off at the train station later that day, we rode with her to the Tri-Rail's last stop in Palm Beach, then dropped grandmom off at her stop on the way back and returned home in time for dinner, a bath and a really good night's sleep.

This I would say this was Kate's first real train ride. It's no Amtrak, but it's also no Small Fry Choo Choo at the mall. She really enjoyed the ride. In fact we took the ride with Grandmom at Kate's prompting. Only thing is the ride may have been a little too long so late in an exciting day with no nap. Kate was ready to get off at each stop along the way, especially Grandmom's.
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January 04, 2006

A Fond Farewell to Little Gym

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Yesterday was Kate's end of semester show at The Little Gym. After a year of attending The Little Gym I decided not to reregister Kate, so we could try out some other new and exciting classes together. Don't get me wrong. We loved the Little Gym and I would highly recommend it. And this isn't to say we won't go back to Little Gym some time in the future. I just wanted to diversify and try some new things with Kate in 2006.

But in the meantime, Kate had a great time at her end of semester show. There was climbing, running, jumping, rolling, making bunny ears and parachute play. And when playtime was over, it was time for the medals. Each kid was supposed to jump off the spring board, run down the mat and step up on the platform mat to receive a medal. Jen, the teacher even tried to get them all to stand in a line with their medals, but you know how 2-year olds are. Actually, the girls were a little bit better at taking direction than the boys.

Kate was so proud of her medal. She showed it off to Grandpa and Daddy (with video camera in tow). She showed it off to other classmates: Chad and Katie. And she showed it off to me. Here we are admiring all of the different flags etched into the medal. Then we finished class off with bells, bells, bells.

Bye bye Little Gym. We've had some fun!
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January 01, 2006

The First Day of 2006

Here we are at the park letting Kate take her new wheels for a spin. She likes them okay but they don't seem to move fast enough for her. She wants a faster ride. I don't know what she complaining about, though, since she's a horrible driver at 3 mph. She kept steering into the grass, even after she finished that call on her mobile phone. Just kidding. These new sunglasses she picked out crack me up! Is it just me or does she look a lot like the late Carrie Donovan (a/k/a the Old Navy Lady)?