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February 06, 2006

Playing Hooky!

Ken was scheduled for Jury Duty today, but, since he had an emergency appendectomy only a week and half ago, his doctor didn't think it was such a good idea for him to sit for any great length of time. So with the presentation of a doctor's note, Ken was sent home early and temporarily relieved of Jury Duty.

Kate and I were thrilled to get the call from Daddy that he was on his way home. We came up with a plan to take advantage of the beautiful weather and our extra time with Daddy. We all put on our yucky play clothes and headed out to the local park for some sand play in the volleyball court. It's not quite the sandy beaches of South Florida but it worked. And we don't get in trouble with the park ranger as long as we fill in all of our holes before we leave.

We had a great time. Since it had rained the day before, the sand was extra wet, and in turn extra sticky, extra messy and extra fun. But not so tasty. :-)
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February 05, 2006

Grandpa's Musical Birthday

(Videos are in Windows Movie Format.)
Video Drum Roll Please Video Pied Piper Video Duet
We visited Grandpa Maier today to celebrate his birthday. We had lunch at Chili's, then stopped by the local mall to walk off some of that birthday dessert. Uncle Kevin wanted to drop into the musician's superstore to check out some guitars and stuff.

Kate loved the place. She was totally digging all of the instruments, especially the drums. Before we left we bought Kate a kazoo and grandpa bought a harmonica. They had fun playing a little duet together. I didn't get any pictures at the music store, but I did get a few cute mini videos with my camera.

February 03, 2006

Let's Go Fly A Kite

Today we met up with Jillian and Kristen for a playdate at the park. The highlight: we flew kites. A nice strong wind made it perfect kite flying weather. I think it was a first time for Jillian, and Kate's second.

Kate and I flew our kite a few days earlier. And what an event that was. I had just bought the kite at Walgreen's and as we were walking to the field I opened the packaging. In my haste an essential stick for the kite (the spar?) must have fallen out somewhere and couldn't be found at all. Kate was so looking forward to flying the kite, and I felt like a complete nit wit for losing the piece.

Anyway, I decided we weren't leaving until that kite went airborne, so I pulled a MacGyver. I taped two skinny sticks together and used them as the horizontal support for the kite. Thank goodness I had scotch tape in the glove compartment! Above is a picture I took with my camera phone from that day.

Although Kate and I had fun finally getting our kite in the air, we had so much more fun flying kites with Jillian and Kristen. This time I was much more careful when opening the packaging and made sure no parts were lost. The girls really seemed to enjoy flying their kites (for as long as kite flying can hold the attention of a 2 year old with the enticement of a playground nearby).

When we were done, Kristen started to wind in Jillian's kite. As soon as it hit the ground Kate started winding up the tail. I guess she thought she was being helpful. She was very focused and serious while providing her assistance.

Lastly, the girls got to make their rounds on the playground before heading home.
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