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March 25, 2006

Run, Kate, Run!

About a month ago we signed Kate up for a Toddler Trot/Diaper Derby. We thought it would be a fun outing for a Saturday afternoon. And after we told Kate all about it, she was totally looking forward to it.

Unfortunately the race was being hosted at the tail end of our family's recovery from the Rotavirus. We almost didn't go. Kate didn't care much about being sick though. She was more psyched to "run a race."

She had to run 40 feet from mom to dad. Since I was pumping Kate up and cheering her on, I didn't get to take pictures of the actual race. I did take a few though of her warming up and waiting to hear the results. I think she may have come in second place but they only awarded first. Besides still feeling under the weather, another racer next to her ran right into her. When the kids heard "go" some of them got a bit confused. Oh well.

She may not have won first place, but we all had a great time. She was so excited to receive a gold medal for her participation. And look how proud dad is.

Kate, Pooh and the ABCs

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(Video is in Windows Movie Format.)

Everyday Kate seems to be in the singing mood. On this particular occasion she was goofing off and having some fun singing the Alphabet Song with Pooh.

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March 21, 2006

Sniffle Cough Puke

Warning: This post is not for the faint of heart.
Rating: PG (pretty gross)

March was the most unhealthy month of Kate's life so far. March First started a string of crappy illnesses, undoubtedly, as a result of taking Parent/Child preschool classes.

First off Kate got her very first ear infection. Next, she caught some awful flu...or perhaps it was the Rotavirus...that started the same evening of our Schoolhouse museum visit. We all ended up catching it within a 5 day span. It was awful. Watching your kid vomit over and over again must be one of the worst, but probably one of the inevitable, things you can experience. Everytime the gagging would come on Ken or I would grab the bucket. The sight of the bucket made Kate even more upset and cry. I think she started to believe that putting the bucket in front her face was inducing the vomiting. But thank goodness for the bucket.

The first episode happened in the middle of the night while Kate was in bed with us. Poor Ken, the human bucket, got the brunt of it. Then we needed baths, showers, new sheets, new clothes, the works. It went on for hours and hours and hours. And picked up again 48 hours later. And Ken and I jumped in 48 hours after that. It was awful!!! I'm so glad that one is behind us.

Keeping Kate hydrated was a real task. She didn't like any of the flavors of pedialyte drinks, freezer pops or jellos. I got her to drink some water and suck on pieces of ice, but after awhile she kept begging for apple juice which is not the thing to give her at all in this state. But I kinda broke the rules a bit. We rarely give Kate apple juice straight up. It's usually one-third or one-half apple juice and the rest water. And lucky for us too since I was able to give her a little bit of apple juice and sneak in a lot of unflavored pedialyte. When we took Kate to the doctor on Monday morning after vomiting all Friday night and Sunday night the doctor was surprised at how hydrated and energetic she looked. I guess sometimes you just have to bend the rules a bit to make it work.

And little did we know that only a few weeks later Kate would catch hand-foot-mouth disease. Talk about nasty...and painful. It started as a rash all over and turned into sores on her hands and feet and in her mouth. The mouth sores were the worst. She didn't want to eat. She didn't want to drink. And forget about brushing her teeth. Parents always told us that once your kid goes to school they are sick over and over again. I thought perhaps a runny nose or a cough, but never in my imagination did I expect this.

Our pediatrician reassured us that this was all normal for preschool kids. And with each illness we were told, "We've seen quite a few cases of this in the past few days." For some reason it makes you feel better knowing you're not the only family going through it. The good news, the pediatrician told us, was that now that Kate's been exposed to many of these viruses her immune system is building and she won't be catching many of them of them again. They were a one time trick.

Anyway, the point of this post was really to journal one of the things I did to cheer Kate up. In addition to the "K-A-T-E" letters that I painted before she was born, I hung very inexpensive magnetic float frames from Micheal's and Princess wall stickers from target.com. The frames are the best because I can easily switch out the pictures and artwork to feature new things Kate has just seen or experienced. The wall may look a little hodgepodge but Kate loves it (although she may not look it in these pictures since she was still sick with the flu). She really enjoys being surrounded by things she likes looking at and talking about. It helps when you're stuck inside day after day with the flu.

March 17, 2006

Schoolhouse Rocks!

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Another month and another exciting playdate with Jillian. This time we met at the Schoolhouse Children's Museum in Boyton Beach. The website for this attraction really doesn't do it justice. We had so much more fun than we thought we would. It's bright and cheery with so many fun things to do.

The first stop was the Pepper Patch Farm, where the girls had to pick, sort and pack fruit (a/k/a different colored balls). Next they went to the Farm House to pick and plant flowers, dress up, cook and clean. And of course you need milk for your farm house, so the girls had to feed, clean and milk the cows.

All aboard! Next stop: another farm house with more cooking and cleaning and ninja fighting.

On the second floor the girls spent a fair amount of time at the Mangrove Manor. It's a fun little mangrove-themed maze, but to the girls it was simply a cool indoor playground with climbing, crawling, sitting and sliding. I don't have pictures but the girls also took turns playing shopkeeper and shopper at the general store. Lastly, we stopped off briefly at Doc Weems to take care of some babies and the post office to create and sort our own letters.

We did so much more than the pictures we took. And there was still so much more for us to do. But, we ran out of time. We didn't even get a chance to run wild on the Kids Kingdom Playground that looked like so much fun. This attraction is definitely on our "must visit again" list.
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