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May 28, 2006

Meeting Baby Samantha

Today we finally met Baby Samantha for the first time. Samantha's parents, Daisy and Mike, were the only childless couple sitting at the "kids" table at Kate's first birthday. Little did they know that a year and a half later they would experience all of the excitement (and sleeplessness) that parenting has to offer.

Samantha is adorable, and Kate really enjoyed her. Kate also enjoyed trying to be helpful. Sometimes maybe too helpful. She was all too eager to keep trying to give Samantha her bottle, even when Samantha had no interest in it. Her efforts were cute though.

May 25, 2006

A Weekend At Disney

Disney 2006
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We had another great weekend in Disney. This time I don't have as many pictures to share. I used my camera to record more movies than to take pictures. I do have a few, though, of Kate enjoying her favorite rides and attractions. Or just hamming it up for the camera.

In addition to just trying to get in another trip before our passes expire in September, we visited Disney to celebrate my birthday. On the night of my birthday, Ken and Kate treated me to dinner at The Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue. The food was great. The entertainment was great. We had the best time. And it's perfect for young kids because they can sing, dance and are required to make a lot of noise.

A really cute thing Kate does at this age is show lots of affection, especially to Daddy. She loves to put her cheek to his, as well as put her arm around his neck or sometimes even give him a tight squeeze. I think it's the most adorable thing.

And of all the pics I took this is one of my favorites. "I'm just going to go in the bathroom and blow dry my hair real quick. You and Daddy read the Disney book together and I'll be right out soon." And yes, I got video footage too with sound effects and all...zzzzzzzzzzz.
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May 17, 2006

Mommy & Me Graduation Day

Today was graduation day for Mommy & Me. Most Mommy & Me classes consisted of playing, painting, singing, dancing, snacktime and playground time. Kate's favorite parts were singing, snacktime and playground. The singing and dancing part is a given. Kate's sings most of the day, even if some of the songs are made up.

The last song of Mommy & Me is the goodbye song. At the end all of the kids run up to Ms. Jane to give her a big goodbye hug. Their admiration for Ms. Jane is just too cute for words.

Snacktime's big highlight for Kate is drinking out of a little cup. She doesn't really care much about the snack. She just loves drinking out of that little cup. She would be full to the brim of apple juice but always ask for more...until....it's playground time.

I think playground time is fun time for most kids. This playground has the cuttest little pretend yellow school bus that the kids enjoy piling into. And Kate really loves riding a tricycle around the little path lined with miniature street signs.

We're sad to see Mommy & Me end, but Kate will be going to camp soon all by herself...like a (gulp) big girl . Wish us luck!
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May 13, 2006

Party! Party!

Kate was invited to two birthday parties this month. The first was for a little girl in our Mommy and Me class and the second was for Morgan's 4th birthday. Morgan's 2nd birthday was the first birthday party Kate ever attended. My how the two girls have grown.

The first party was hosted at a local My Gym. Kate's favorite part of the whole party was sliding into the pool of balls. She did it over and over and over again.

Morgan had a pottery painting party. I would have said Kate was a little young for this type of party, but she really enjoyed it. I would cringe every time she walked near a wall full of pottery but no chips, no breaks and, in the end, a ladybug bank was beautifully painted.
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May 04, 2006

Grandmom Visits

We had another visit from grandmom today. We ate lunch, went to the playground and played indoor basketball with Kate's kiddie hoop. It was a lot of fun. I got video of the basketball match between Kate and grandmom, but unfortunately no pictures.

The pictures I did get were of Kate showing off her Lima bean plant and watching grandmom board the train home. The Lima bean plant is a result of "gardening day" at our parent/child classes. Kate planted a few seeds in a small cup of soil. After a few weeks the plant had to be repotted to a bigger home. Kate's very proud of her plant and it was really good learning experience for her to watch it grow little by little everyday.
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May 03, 2006

Summer's here...well...almost

This past weekend, we bought a mini inflatable pool for Kate to play in. May is perfect weather for the pool because it's not too hot and definitely not cool. It's just right.

Kate did some solo pool play as well as had some fun with her friend Ava and Ava's little brother Ethan. While Ava would sit happily and play in the pool the whole time, Kate didn't seem to be much of a pool person. She was in and out, in and out.

At one point she was out but on the ground leaning over the side of the pool. She must have lost her balance and tipped over...and in...head first. After getting over the initial shock, she decided it was a lot of fun falling in and tried to replicate it. She wasn't very successful.

Then, the girls took turns jumping into the pool and trying to make a big splash. Kate isn't much of a canonballer either, but she had a lot of fun trying. And I had a lot of fun watching her wear herself out. Speaking of wear herself out, Kate also enjoyed emptying the pool bucket by bucket watering the dry patches of the grass. Chalk that up to another good idea from mom. :-)
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