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June 02, 2006

Come On Vamonos!

Yesterday evening Young at Art hosted its preview party for the Dora exhibit at Young at Art. The best perk of our YAA membership is the opportunity to attend the prevew parties. It may be a little crazy and crowded but after a few weeks, especially during summer camp time, an exhibit always gets trashed. And it's no fun when the pieces and technology for 90% of the activities are missing or broken. So we always try to make it to the preview party.

Kate of course needed no convincing to get ready and go for this exhibit. She loves Dora. She even wore her Dora outift to prove it.

The exhibit was fabulous. It was a replica of Dora's home, and the kids went to each room to interact with different pieces and enjoy different activities. It featured lots of puzzles and problem solving activities, which Kate loves. And of course it helped the children (and parents alike) work on their billingual language skills. Without a question, the highlight for all of the kids was meeting Dora. And this one was the real deal. (Unlike the scary Border's Dora.) This new picture with Dora is currently one of Kate's most prized possessions.
Posted by Jean-Marie at 11:03 PM