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July 30, 2006

Kate's First Pony Ride

We're always up for letting Kate try something new and exciting (and safe), and this weekend it was a pony ride at a local park. We had talked about it all day yesterday, so by today Kate was really excited to do it. Kate wore a helmet that was available for small children going on the pony rides. She thought she was pretty cool to wear the pony riding gear. The horse trainer/owner led Kate and Sierra the horse around a big circle three times. Daddy walked next to both of them just in case. Kate loved it and had a big smile on her face the whole time. She/we would definitely do it again.
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July 25, 2006

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Happy Birthday, Daddy! I love you!

Now may I have some more icing for my cake?!?
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July 22, 2006

It's a Blue's Clues Day! Hooray!

Well it's summer time, which also means it's time again for the Nicklelodeon Summer Reading Camp at Borders. This year we passed on the weekend that featured creepy Dora and instead opted to go the weekend that featured a book reading and meet and greet with every prechooler's favorite blue dog. Moms, dads and kids showed up in droves just like last year. And like last year, Kate patiently waited in line on her daddy's shoulders for her chance to meet Blue and get a Polaroid picture with her.

On a separate note...someone stood outside Border's front doors and distributed goody bags with a free book inside as part of our county's literacy campaign. I thought it was a great idea until I opened the bag and realized they were giving out copies of Call of the Wild to the 5 and under crowd. What a waste! And should I even mention that a canine (probably one of Blue's buddies) bites the...um...snow in this junior high must-read. That's quite a concept to explain to a preschooler, especially when we are still trying to understand where Steve is in the newer episodes of Blue's Clues and where Joe is in the older ones and why they can't just all play together.

July 21, 2006

This Is Kate

Ms. Larissa was so excited to show me the artwork Kate created today at camp. Since Kate is still a few months shy of 3, Ms. Larissa was completely surprised at how well Kate could draw a recognizable face and sun. Ken and I have both seen Kate draw faces before, but we were still very proud of this beautiful drawing entitled This Is Kate.
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July 20, 2006

Another Storytime with Ava at the Mall

Today was another day of fun and play at the mall with Ava and her little brother Ethan. We were all running a little late this morning, so we missed most of storytime. No worries though, because the girls had plenty of fun running around on the playground, visiting the Disney store and enjoying a delicious beverage from Starbucks.
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July 19, 2006

The Bedtime Fairy

All dressed up and ready for bed. :-)
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July 18, 2006

Play Together, Learn Together

Today was the last day of our Play Together, Learn Together class with Ms. Desha. Since it was the last class, the kids broke from the norm of classroom play and went outside for some fun on the playground and in the fountain. This time Kate did play in the fountain, but not enough to get wet.

We finished up class with a mini picnic to celebrate. I say celebrate, but I was sad that the class was over. Kate and I had a lot of fun playing and learning together.
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July 15, 2006

Mickey's Magic Show

Tonight we took our little Disney fanatic to Mickey's Magic Show. Kate loved it ,and Ken and I really enjoyed it as well. We would definitely recommend it. Kate loved the characters and the music and the magic, in that order.

Ken, who always enjoys a good magic show, was also entertained by what would otherwise be considered a children's show. The magic definitely kept the show going for the adults in the audience. Can't wait to see what Disney Live! has in store for us next year.
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July 14, 2006

Family Fun Night

Kate and I have been taking Parent/Child classes at the The Parenting Place at NSU's Mailman Segal Institute since earlier in the year. We just love it there! Anyway, once a month on a Friday evening the Parenting Place hosts Family Fun Night. The one we attended tonight was themed Fountain of Fun. I didn't get any pictures of Kate enjoying the outdoor fountain (she's not much into running through fountains), but I got plenty of pictures of her enjoying some of the other activities.

Ken was a little late and drove straight from work. Kate was so happy to see him that she jumped out of the little red car she was driving, ran over to him and gave him a big hug.

The evening was capped off with a make your own ice cream sundae table. Yummy ice Cream, messy outdoor painting, a great playground and lots of kids to play with...could Family Fun Night sound any more fun to a 2-year old?
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July 12, 2006

Stitches Are Out

Today Kate got her stitches out. It wasn't the easiest task but Kate was a real trouper. Of course out of all of the doctors we could have gotten in our pediatric office we got the one with the shaky hand. It was painful for me to watch. Once it was all done and the steri-strips were applied a nurse gave Kate a lollipop for being so good. This was Kate's very first lollipop and she really enjoyed it except for after a few minutes when the stick started to fall apart and get in her mouth. Blech!

A steri-strip side note...steri-strips never seem to come off perfectly by themselves. It's always a corner here and a side there. As each small piece lost it's stick Ken and I would trim the steri-strip so the rest would continue to adhere as long as possible and the stray loose pieces wouldn't bother Kate. It's just a little trick that seemed to work for us. Also, as bits of the scar became visible we would use mederma (2-3 times a day) and sunscreen (a 50+ SPF stick) religiously. So far so good in the healing process.
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July 11, 2006

Pudding Fight

The chocolate pudding gave a good fight but Kate definitely won.
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July 08, 2006

Doctor Follow-up

I didn't sleep very easy after the drama of yesterday's event. I wanted to make sure we had done all that we could do to ensure that Kate's wound healed properly. Lucky for us our pediatrician's office is open on Saturdays and could fit us in for a visit. The doctor checked Kate out and said everything looked great. He thought the stitcher did a good job and we shouldn't have any healing problems. We just had to keep the wound clean and reapply a bandade with polysporin on it every day until the stitches came out.

Since the ER visit was still fresh in her mind Kate wasn't thrilled about the doctor poking around her cut. She did well, though, through the visit. And the doctor made her a chicken (medical glove)balloon for being so patient with him.

Afterwards we took Kate for a Happy Meal with a Pirates of the Caribbean toy inside. Too bad it wasn't an eye patch. Arggghhhh!
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July 07, 2006

A Visit To The ER

Hello Kate's mom. Kate has fallen. She hit her face and is bleeding. You need to pick her up and take her to your doctor.

This was kinda how the conversation went. I don't know exactly what was said. It was a big blur. All I heard was "face," "bleeding" and "doctor".

At first I wasn't concerned by the phone call because this was my second call and we're now only 5 weeks into camp. The first call was pretty harmless. Kate was bitten by "her friend" (very PC of them don't you think?). She had cried but was better after some ice and TLC from her teachers. The bite never broke the skin.

This call, though, was much more immediate. Come and pick her up and take her to the doctor? Thank goodness, I was already in my car doing a few errands on my way to pick up Kate. My first phone call after that was to Ken. I told him that this was much more serious than the last incident and to be available for my call when I get to the school.

At school Kate was in the director's office on her teacher Ms. Larissa's lap still hysterically crying. There was lots of blood, everywhere...in her hair...on her red shirt...on her sock (she had a shoe missing). The details of the incident were a little sketchy since no one but Kate actually saw what happened. It sounds like she tripped getting up from the table, lost her balance and her hit her head on the table. And somewhere in all of the confusion she lost her shoe...or maybe the shoe was the reason why she tripped. Who knows?

To make a long story short I told Ken that I needed him because the cut was significant enough for a trip to the ER and probably stitches. Considering this was the first incident of its kind I wasn't prepared to do it alone. Since Kate was still hysterical Ms. Larissa sat in the backseat with her while I drove to the ER. Another administrator followed in another car to bring Ms. Larissa back to school once we got checked into the ER.

I was so grateful Ms. Larissa was in the backseat. I have no idea how I would have been able to keep the ice/towels on Kate's face while I was driving and she was crying hysterically? It was hard enough as it was concentrating on just driving. Ms. Larissa was also doing a pretty good job calming Kate down now that I was there. She was going through a goody bag I pack every time I pick Kate up from camp. The bag usually include some sbnakcs and a little fun item. Today's fun item was non-spill Sponge Bob bubbles. I was so glad I brought them since they seemed to put Kate in much better spirits. And by the time we were all check in and waiting in the ER Kate was calm and eating her snacks. No sooner did Ms. Larissa and the administrator leave that Ken arrived right on cue.

Getting the five stitches were pretty painful. Although the nurse put lots of local anesthetic the whole experience was pretty scary. Kate had to be put in a papoose, which was more a straight jacket for little kids. And it was hard for her not to see the needle coming right towards her to stitch her up. Kate was scared and crying but not out of control. She listened to us as we spoke to her. By the fourth and fifth stitch she was doing better. And after it was all done she was great.

Here are pictures of her in the exam room before the stitches:

And here she is after the stitches:

July 05, 2006

July Fourth

We didn't make a plan for the Fourth of July. It's hard to keep a 2 year old up to "enjoy" fireworks. But since Kate seemed to be in a pretty reasonable mood, we drove to a business parking lot near the city display and threw down a sheet to watch.

Unfortunately the fireworks were completely unimpressive. Maybe it's because not much can compare to Disney fireworks. I think, though, that these were pretty bad by any standards. Everyone was still standing around waiting for that fantastic grand finale until we all realized that the show was over. It's bad when you can't even recognize the fireworks finale.

I suppose it was a nice family outing though. And Kate didn't mind doing something different with mom and dad when she should be home in bed.

July 02, 2006

Bedtime Story

Ken told Kate to go to her room, select a bedtime book or two and that he would be there in a minute to read them.

Luckily, she only selected her very favorites. :-) I think he may need a glass of water or two to get him through this bedtime story reading though. At least she gave him a head start and started Mouse Soup without him.